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Martin Rizley – God and Globalism

If God were a globalist whose desire is to see the nations of this world erase their borders and do away with the very concept of independent nation states in order to create one massive global governmental system founded on the universally imposed «progressive» values of secular humanism – then why did He judge the builders of Babel?

Ought He not rather to have applauded them? After all, the whole reason why the builders of Babel sought to build a tower was to «bring the world together» under the umbrella of a single global government founded on human wisdom and strength.

Instead of applauding their efforts, however, God put a stop to their accursed «globalist» agenda, their lust for a «new world order», by dividing the languages and scattering the peoples across the face of the earth.


Because in God’s plan, there is only one «world empire» that will ever enjoy His unqualified and enduring blessing – and that empire is not created by man nor founded upon human wisdom and strength. No!

The only «world empire» God loves is the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, a kingdom not of this world, because it is founded on the Word of God and the work of the Spirit in men’s hearts.

This Kingdom is truly international because its members are drawn from every race, tribe, tongue and nation of men on the whole earth. It is a Kingdom without geographical borders, extended and defended solely with the spiritual weapons of prayer and the Word of God, and it is entered into only by a new birth. It is not of this world, and therefore, it will endure when all the kingdoms of this world have all crumbled into dust and been blown away by the sands of time (Daniel 2).

Christ’s Kingdom is the only «world empire» that will dwell forever under the smile of God, enjoying the blessing of God. All other world empires should and must perish, for any world empire or global government that men attempt to create by setting aside the Word of God and building on a foundation of man’s own wisdom, power, and glory, will always be an abomination in the eyes of God, an idol fit for destruction, as the builders of Babel came to learn.

Pastor Martin Rizley


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